Volume 4  No 2 
December 2009

From the Editorial Desk


Shaping the Crisis Perception of Decision Makers and Its Application to Singapore’s Voluntary Contributions to Post-Tsunami Reconstruction Efforts

Enhancing Governance of the Barangay: Reflections of Academics

Decentralization as a Breeding Ground for Conflicts: An Analysis of Institutional Conflicts in Malawi’s Decentralized System

Third Party Government and Legitimacy: The Role of the National Trade Union Congress in Singapore

Democratisation of the Upazila Parishad and Its Impact on Responsiveness and Accountability: Myths versus Realities

Research Note

Framework Analysis: A Qualitative Methodology for Applied Policy Research

Case Study

Gram Sabha  Meetings in India: Processes, Outcomes and Perspectives

Book Review

Acrobatics of Change: Concepts, Techniques, Strategies and Execution

Volume 4  No 1 
July 2009

From the Editorial Desk  

Volume 2 No 1
July 2007

From the Editorial Desk

Policy transfer in the Philippines: Can it pass the localization test?

Poverty and governance – A quest for alternative focus: Bangladesh test case

Meeting the environmental challenges of China and India: Towards innovative policy formulation

Cooperative public service delivery in Tanzania: Is it contributing to social and human development?

The effects of fiscal decentralization on compulsory education in China: For better or worse?

Social safety nets and economic transition in Indonesia: Paradox of social services?

Challenges of civil society governance in Nepal

Contextualising policy transfer in Cambodian local governance

Public service innovations, policy transfer and governance in the Asia-Pacific region: The Malaysian experience

Research Note

Fighting poverty: Lessons learned from community-based monitoring system implementation highlights of case studies

Book Review

Indian power sector: Challenge and response 


Volume 3 No 1
July 2008
Special Issue on

From the Editorial Desk  


Australian women and corruption: The gender dimension in perceptions of corruption

Governance, Social Accountability and the Civil Society

Accounting for Good Corporate Governance

The Inequitable Impacts of a Corrupt Governance System on the Poor

Eradicating Corruption: The Malaysian Experience

Tracking Anti-Corruption Initiatives: Perceptions and Experiences in the Philippines

E-Governance, corruption and public service delivery: A comparative study of Fiji and Ethiopia

Judicial Corruption and its Threats to National Governance in China

Case Study

Combating Corruption: The case of the National Accountability Bureau, Pakistan

Research Note

Three essential ways of anti-corruption

Book Review

Excellence and Leadership in the Public Sector: The Role of Education and Training  
























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